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Singing “Taste & See” while fasting…

April 19th, 2010

Tonight I’m leading worship (along with my wonderfully musical husband Sam!)  We’ll be at the Hershey Aglow monthly meeting.  http://hersheyaglow.com/index.html Whenever I lead worship, I like to find out a little about the speaker then plan a set list that compliments what is on their heart or in their message.  In my mind, this is like setting up a spike in volleyball.  The worship opens and stirs hearts and helps to prepare everybody to receive the message.

Tonight’s speaker is Traci Alexander from Trumpet & Torch Ministries, who is speaking on prayer and fasting.  My mother is part of the Hershey Aglow leadership and asked me to do the song “Taste And See.”  I immediately commented on the irony in singing “taste and see” when the focus of the message is on fasting!  (I originally was thinking of more of a sacrifice and desperation theme.)  But after some consideration and research, I’ve realized that you can, in fact, sing “we are hungry” repeatedly and be satisfied in worship–even if you’re fasting!  (Instead of just intensifying your physical hunger pangs.)

So, tonight we’ll revisit some of the songs from my earlier days of worship leading: “Hungry (On My Knees)”, “We Are Hungry”, “All Who Are Thirsty” and “Breathe.”  And of course, I’ll sing “Taste & See”–at mom’s request.

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