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Teen Challenge

May 17th, 2011

WJTL offers a closer look at the ministry of Teen Challenge. More information available at http://www.lancastertc.com

  1. Jenna Neil
    May 17th, 2011 at 22:48 | #1

    I have had Teen Challenge come to my school and talk to my class (Class of 2011!). They came and talked to my high school class not to long ago and many people in my class didn’t want to give them the time of day and this upset me a lot. I feel as though the people that didn’t want to give them the time of day felt as though what they were saying was stupid and just a waste of time but those snickering and rude people were the ones that really should have listened to what the speakers had to say to the class. I feel terrible that they were not listening to everything that was being said. Teen Challege can seriously help those in need. I refuse to do any type of drugs and such but I listened to what they all had to say to us high school students and they had a lot to offer, trust me. I wish that everyone would have paid attention. What these people said was very touching. I was happy that they were willing to share their own personal life stories to us teenagers and when some of my peers laughed at their stories I hurt for the speakers. I personally thanked the speakers at the end of their presentation and they thanked me for actually paying attention and listening. I also told them that the people that laughed and snickered at them are probably just scared of what can happen to them and their trying to take all the bad news in a commonly manner. Teen Challenge is a great team to talk to and I really took a lot away from their presentation. I also learned that God can help you when you seek for him. He is there all the time but when you don’t believe in him or when you don’t ask for him to guide you he won’t always do what you think he will. He will help you in ways that can surprise you and all the time those ways help but if you need him you really need to ask him for his help 🙂 Thank you Teen Challenge and WJTL.

    P.S. I heard Teen Challenge on WJTL not to long ago and I knew it was Teen Challenge before they even mentioned it being Teen Challenge.

    Again thank you Teen Challenge and thank you WJTL for having this great group speak to all the WJTL listeners 🙂

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