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Thank You for Blessing Missionaries

May 3rd, 2010

We got a great email a few minutes ago from a listener overseas.  It was another good reminder to me that we never know who’s listening and how God is using us to encourage others, even around the world.

Dear WJTL Staff,
It is Saturday morning here in the Philippines and I am at school playing catch up with my responsibilities.  As I sit here, because of your willingness to place your radio station on the Internet, I have the privilege of listening to the broadcast.  With the end of the school year nearing, you can imagine that the stress level is a little higher, yet hearing music that is God honoring and hearing tidbits of life at “home” (we live in York when in country)  I am able to enjoy these minutes.  (Because of broadband issues living in a third world country I can’t listen during the school week.)  So thank you for being a blessing to this missionary while serving MK’s in Southeast Asia.
Serving Him,
a listener in the Phillipines

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