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The Good Samaritan-Compassion Not Always Convenient

July 22nd, 2010

JOHN SHIRK – In the course of a given day with our busy schedules, we might find ourselves face to face with a person in desperate need.  Such a situation leaves us with a decision on whether to stop and take care of this person or move along with our busy schedules. The story of the Good Samaritan, taught by Jesus is a good example of being in tune with someone in a desperate situation.

A man was beaten by robbers and left half dead on the road to Jericho.  Two religious leaders walked by.  They saw him in his place of distress, but kept walking by.  They probably had some very important meetings to attend and responsibilities to fulfill.  After all, they were on the go.  So was a Samaritan man, who had enough compassion for the man to stop what he was doing to address the man’s immediate needs.  He was an instrument of healing for the wounded man.  This is the type of thing that can happen when we take time to listen to a hurting friend, or visit the sick in the hospital, or help to sponsor a child in another country who lacks basic necessities.  Our compassion is activated to make a difference when we think beyond us and enter the world of another person.

That’s today’s Mission Statement for representing Jesus in the world today.
Can you remember any situations recently when you had an opportunity to be a Good Samaritan for someone in need, or when someone was a Good Samaritan to you?

John Shirk


  1. Beka
    July 22nd, 2010 at 12:43 | #1

    wow. thats awesome. i think alot of times, just our smile, or a simple “hello” to someone can
    really lift their spirits. so we can always be that good samaritan, even if we dont realize it.

  2. Jeff
    July 22nd, 2010 at 23:29 | #2

    Thanks for sharing, I needed to hear that. We all can get caught up in our own little world and I agree with Beka, even a smile and saying “hi” can make a world of difference.
    Just checking out your guy’s blogs. Pretty awesome! Keep it up, lovin it!

  3. Jennifer Dempsey
    July 23rd, 2010 at 09:14 | #3

    While at Creation NE this year, I had someone who God prepared to be a good samaritan to me. I am so thankful she was obedient. I had talked to her for a couple months before Creation (she was a supervisor, myself a first time volunteer) and she eneded up camping right down the hill from me, which if you have been there , you know how miraculous that is! LOL She provided me with an easy-up…a box full of towels to level out my sleeping bag (I was sleeping on a hill), money for food, and got my job switched to work with her with the kids! She also let me use her phone to call my hubby each day….in other words God used her mightily! I am thankful to be able to have her as a new friend, and that she was so open to be used however she could be! †

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