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When I Was Thirsty

August 20th, 2012

Saturday is the day for my long runs.  I’m training to run my first half marathon in November and am following a training plan each week to help me accomplish my goal of finishing.  (I have no visions of speed or any sort of ranking… just survival and finishing well).   About 3/4 of a mile into my run, I came across a church group handing out water.    I was pretty excited because I keep forgetting that I should have water along on these longer runs and I knew that I could use it.  So, I smiled and took the water they cheerfully supplied as I continued running by.    Fast forward about an hour.  I had run my first 6 mile run and was slowing down into a cool down walk.   I was tired , thirsty and a little sore.   As I approached the area where the church group had been handing out water,  I saw that they were still there, but I also knew that they had already given me a water earlier, so I planned to just keep plugging away until I got home.  I even heard one lady say, “Hey we saw her run by here earlier!”.     When I went to keep walking by, they said “Are you thirsty?”  I said “Yes, but you already gave me some water earlier, and thank you!”  But they held out a water for me anyway and said “God Bless You”.     I know, such a little thing … but what a blessing it was!

As a body of believers who desire to represent Jesus … are we offering cold water to the thirsty?  Is it conditional?  When someone needs us do we think, “I’ve already helped you recently””

Last night I was visiting a friend and their child at the hospital.  The little girl was feeling very sick and kept asking her dad for more sips of water, sometimes after he had just put the cup down.  He lovingly gave her a drink whenever she asked.

Jesus never tires of lifting the cup to our lips.  He doesn’t mind our constant thirst, in fact, it pleases His heart that we ask Him and that He can provide for us.

How can we be Jesus to the thirsty today?    Are we inviting Him to satisfy our own thirsty hearts?

Some thoughts on thirst for you this week.