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Coffee Ceremony

October 12th, 2010

STACEY GAGNE – One of the things that I’ll never forget about Ethiopia was the coffee.  DELICIOUS!!!  I brought back my own clay pot and several bags to share with friends and family and co-workers here… and it’s all going too quickly.  We were served deliciously strong and perfectly sweetened coffee pretty much everywhere we went.  The coffee ceremony is not only a show of hospitality, but part of their culture and tradition.   Great time and care is put into preparing the beans and serving the coffee… I was served popcorn, roasted barley and coffee served in beautiful little glass tea cups in a tiny tiny little one room home that is smaller than my office.  (We also were often served soda in glass bottles… which seemed to taste much better to me… but I digress…)

When we visited one of the churches, where the Yeka Meker Church Child Development Center is held; “PK”  the Project Director there, shared about how they use coffee as an opportunity to share Jesus with the parents of children who are involved in the Child Sponsorship Program.

I love that the ministry of Compassion International is reaching into individual families with the Gospel.   As families see their children receiving the tangible benefits of child sponsorship, they are also receiving the more lasting benefits in the seeds of truth being planted along the way.

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