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My Creation Festival Interview Highlights!

July 5th, 2012

KRISTI LEIGH — WJTL video pro, Ben Sauder, and I had a really great time at Creation 2012!  The WJTL trailer was bustling with artists and bands, giving some of our favorite interviews to date!  Check out the WJTL Casts page for all the audio interviews, and keep checking our Videos tab, as Ben is cranking out more and more videos from the experience.   (Be sure to look for Newsboys, Chris August, Kevin Young from Disciple and MANY more!)

Some of my personal highlights are already in video form!

Kutless was our very first interview of the festival this year.  They usually bring the whole band; so, I was surprised that guitarist James Mead was absent when the guys first walked in.  It turns out that he was delayed due to a visit to the hot dog stand that was located just outside our trailer.  He came in just as we were getting started and explained his tardiness with such kindness:

[tubepress video=”4BYsWDmfFo8″]

David Crowder is a delight to talk with if you’re a fan of random and creative conversation.  And I am!  So, I loved this moment:

[tubepress video=”wBDIx7QNApc”]

Tenth Avenue North came into the WJTL trailer and frontman Mike Donehey grabbed a mic and lead the guys in a soccer cheer.  It was as robust as it was random!  …and it’s STILL stuck in my head!

[tubepress video=”JMvtKZ8OCY8″]

And finally, the acoustic “music videos”.  It’s our goal every year to do one…and so far, it’s been tough to coordinate artist schedules, quiet stage times, weather, etc.  This year…we got THREE!

Hyland made the trek to the Lookout with us…in a golf cart!  Ben and I had to walk the steep parts with all our camera and audio gear, but it was so worth it!  (And as the always-punny John Shirk pointed out, it was perfect that we were with Hyland on the top of a mountain….get it?  High-land!)  Hyland frontman Jon Lewis sang an acoustic version of their new song “Beauty In The Broken” with a super cool background of the festival.

[tubepress video=”mt3ia11Le1Q”]

Shonlock came to the WJTL trailer for his interview, saw the video cameras and asked us if he could bring his band, “Monsta”, in to do an acoustic version of “Hello”.  I was delighted to oblige.  It turned out so friendly…and so resourceful!  Check out the percussionist playing our trailer wall and using the chain on the door window!

[tubepress video=”O4JQndRYlIs”]

Evelia is a local-ish band (from the Philly-ish area of New Jersey) of siblings from the Williams family, who are no strangers to the Creation Festival.  They’ve been helping with it for years!  This year, they played the main stage and worship tent…and agreed to hike up to a fallen tree in one of the Woods meeting areas to film this acoustic version of their song “Too Much”.

[tubepress video=”HQtE4wsson8″]

How about your Creation 2012 highlights?  Did you go to the festival?  Or did you listen to our coverage from home?  What were your favorite parts?

Kristi Leigh – WJTL DJ