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Resource a Pastor

June 18th, 2010 No comments

JOHN SUMMERVILLE, TWR – GUEST BLOGGER. Stop reading this blog for just a moment, and in your mind, count how many bibles are in your house.  If your home is like mine, it’s hard to count how many our family has.  We have multiple copies of the NIV, NKJV, KJV, NLT, Message, and ESV.

Now count how many commentaries and other resources you have on your shelves.  Too many to count?  Me too.

Now count how many radios in your house.  Don’t forget to count the radios in your cars.

What’s the point?

We are blessed.  The Lord has given us tremendous resources.

WJTL and TWR are joining hands to give these same resources to house church pastors and lay leaders in China who live in the rural parts of China.  Many of them are leading congregations and they desperately need these resources.  These leaders need a study bible with notes, maps and references.  They need a radio to tune into solid bible teaching.  And they need books that correspond to these great radio programs.

You can share these resources with our brothers and sisters in Christ in China when you give a gift to the WJTL campaign.  Be part of something big.

John Summerville is the Director of Radio Station Partnerships.
TWR broadcasts Jesus in 220 languages utilizing AM, FM, shortwave and the Internet.

Being Part of God’s Answer

June 9th, 2010 No comments

JOHN SUMMERVILLE, TWR – GUEST BLOGGER. Imagine someone getting ready for bed and casually turning on his radio to keep him company and hearing about Jesus for the very first time.  That person is so intrigued that he begins listening every night.  Soon he accepts Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.  The excitement bubbles inside of him and he begins to tell his friends to listen too.  In just a little while three of his friends are listening, and in the morning when they see each other they discuss what they’ve heard.

The “buzz” about this little radio group continues to grow and their numbers increase from four to six.  Then it grows again to 10 and the group decides that they need a bible and should start a formal study group.

Now when the group gets to be 12 members with others asking if they can join, someone in the group suggests that they ought to start a church.  They choose one person to lead this effort.  They choose one person to be their pastor.

They choose you.

But the only thing you know about the bible is what you’ve heard on the radio.  And you only began listening to it because your friend asked you to just 3 months ago.

Imagine how important it would be for you to receive TWR’s China Radio Church Kit!  How valuable would the hard back study bible with its notes, references, and maps be to you and your ability to share spiritual truths with your new congregation of enthusiastic believers?  How crucial would the text books that correspond with the programs heard over TWR become in giving you solid theology and answers to so many of their questions?

Now imagine someone handing you those resources.  The smile on her face reassures you that despite being unprepared as a pastor, she is part of God’s answer in supplying you with everything you need to lead your congregation.

Let’s change the scenario.  Suppose you are that someone who is able to hand valuable teaching resources to a house church pastor?  Your smile reassures that new pastor that you are giving him these materials for his spiritual growth and you are one of many who are standing behind him in prayer.  Be a part of something big.  Support WJTL’s effort to equip Chinese House Church Pastors with a gift today.

John Summerville is the Director of Radio Station Partnerships.  TWR broadcasts Jesus in 220 languages utilizing AM, FM, shortwave and the Internet.