Winning Wednesday, December 30th

December 30th, 2020

It’s time for another Winning Wednesday! Today we’ll be giving away three different books: Awake & Alive To Truth by John L. Cooper and You Got This by Jodi King from the duo Love & The Outcome, and Jesus Can by Austin French.

John L. Cooper, the frontman for the rock band Skillet, is well known bassist, songwriter and producer and this year he has added author to that list. His book Awake & Alive To Truth asks the question “How do we know what’s true when there are so many differing voices telling us what to do?” After twenty-three years of traveling with Skillet, John Cooper answers, “God wants to rescue you from the chaos and the darkness and bring you into His glorious light.  If you want to know what’s true, you have to go to the source of all truth.” This 120-page paperback book is only available at JohnLCooper.com
Jodi King is half of the husband-wife musical duo Love & The Outcome.  You may have heard their songs on WJTL: “You Got This”, “Heart Like Yours”, and “Moving On”. Jodi’s writing debut interweaves short devotional encouragement with Love & The Outcome song lyrics, and stories behind those songs including: life on-the-road, parenting their young children Milo and Ziggy, and embracing new thought patterns. “You Got This is a reminder that confidence isn’t having it all together, it’s letting God hold you together.” You Got This is available now wherever you find books or by visiting IAmJodiKing.com.
In 2020, recording artist Austin French decided it was time to tell his story – Jesus Can: My Story of Emerging from Heartache to Hope. In the book Austin French revisits his early years as a boy who lived in fear in his own household; growing up in poverty and humiliation. Austin French is known for songs like “Why God?” “Wake Up Sleeper” and “Freedom Hymn” on WJTL.  His 185-page paperback tells his story emerging from a tumultuous childhood to appear on nationally televised singing competitions. His book Jesus Can is a story of hope, eternal security and peace. Find Jesus Can by Austin French on amazon and austinfrenchmusic.com

Listen all day for your chance to win one of these books! Keep our number handy 717-392-3690.

  1. Wendy Shonk
    January 14th, 2021 at 10:50 | #1

    Could you please tell me what I gave for donations this year. My records are off. I gave during the Great Give but I have a receipt for that. I can’t remember if I gave another $200 or $100. I need it for my taxes.

    Thank you,
    Wendy Shonk

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