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Some Sort of Rock Show

December 8th, 2013 No comments

Welcome to episode 19 of Some Sort of Rock Show!  Tonight’s playlist includes debuts from The Almost & Sumerlin.

The Some Sort of Rock Show Research Council is hard at work, so don’t miss the Top 50 Some Sort of Rock Show Songs of 2013.  It’s a 4 hour special that we will be airing on December 29th from 6-10.  There are plenty of cool songs to choose from.  We will also be giving out the world famous Some Sortie awards.  I can’t wait!

Here is tonight’s playlist:

Name Artist Album
Enemy I Anthem West of Homeland
In Crowd Rapture Ruckus In This Together
Revival The Rocket Summer Life Will Write the Words
This Christmas 7eventh Time Down BEC Recordings 2013 Christmas Music
Wait For You 7eventh Time Down Just Say Jesus
Smash Hit All Star United All Star United
Into Your Veins Five Iron Frenzy Engine of A Million Plots
The One Disciple O God Save Us All
Thankful For You Toby Mac Eye On It
Away In A Manger Seventh Day Slumber O Come All Ye Faithful
White Flag Seventh Day Slumber Love & Worship
Just A Dream Sumerlin Motives
Break The World Nine Lashes From Water To World
Four Chords The Classic Crime Vagabonds
Hour 2
Lights Out Silverline Lights Out
You Gave Me A Promise Fireflight Unbreakable
Love Alone Is Worth The Fight Switchfoot Fading West
After the Fight Jars Of Clay Inland
Overboard Manafest Fighter
California Christmas Manafest 2013 BEC Christmas Music
You Alone Kutless TBD
What Good Third Day Time
Fight Song The Almost Fear Inside Our Bones
Truth Lecrae Rebel
Grace Alone Dustin Kensrue The Water & The Blood
Treason Pioneer Self Titled
Forward Motion Thousand Foot Krutch Welcome To The Masquerade
Heat Miser Thousand Foot Krutch Happy Christmas Vol. 5
A Clean Shot The Myriad With Arrows, With Poise


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Some Sort of Rock Show

November 24th, 2013 4 comments

Here is your Playlist for tonight….Happy Thanksgiving!

Hour 1

Mike Mains & The Branches – Everything is Gonna Be Alright

I Am Empire – Hammers and Anvils

We As Human – Zombie

7eventh Time Down – Alive In You

NeedtoBreathe – Keep Your Eyes Open

All Together Separate – We Know

Lybecker – For Who You Are

The Classic Crime – Glass Houses

Remedy Drive – Resuscitate Me

Crowder – I Am

David Crowder Band – Our Love is Loud

Run Kid Run – Back to the Basics

Silverliine – Vicious Lights Out

Kingdom – God of Fire


Hour 2

The Almost – I’m Down

Day of Fire – The Dark Hills

Switchfoot – Love Alone is worth the fight

FF5 – Replace Me

The Great Transparency – How To Live

TFK – My Home

Dustin Kensrue – Grace Alone

I am Not The Same Seventh Day Slumber

Scientist – Coming Up

Abandon Kansas – Like It Or Not

Scott Stapp – Slow Suicide

RED – So Far Away

Anberlin – The Runaways

Skillet – Not Gonna Die

Capital Lights – Outrage

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Some Sort of Rock Show

November 17th, 2013 2 comments

Here is your handcrafted playlist for your November 17th.  Leave a comment below to enter tonight’s Big Contest.  Your prize?  A brand new Hyland CD & a versatile WJTL Cinch pack!

Hour 1

Manic Drive – Positive Radio

Switchfoot – Hello Hurricane

Andy Mineo – Wild Things

Skillet – Not Gonna Die

Spoken – Through It All

Plankeye – Say Now That You’re Sorry

Pioneer – Lights

Five Iron Frenzy – Into Your Veins

Found In The Fury – Strive

Toby Mac – Thankful For You

Toby Mac – J Train

Stellar Kart – Criminals and Kings

Flyleaf – Fully Alive

Abandon Kansas – Turn It Into Gold

TFK – Light Up The Sky

Dustin Kensrue – Grace Alone


Hour 2

Mike Mains and the Branches – Noises

RED – Die For You

I Anthem – Enemy

Scientist – Coming Up

Hawk Nelson – Live Life Loud

Remedy Drive – Make It Bright

Jars Of Clay – After The Fight

Manafest – No Plain B

Silverline – Vicious

Rapture Ruckus – In Crowd

Nine Lashes -Break The World

I am Empire – Gravity Bomb

We Are Leo – Supernova Sunrise

Needtobreathe – Devil’s Been Talkin

Submission Red – Fight For You

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Some Sort Of Rock Show

October 27th, 2013 6 comments

Presenting your Episode 13/October 27th Some Sort of Rock Show Playlist.  Leave a comment below to enter tonight’s BIG Contest. One commenter will win Skillet’s Rise CD.  Thanks for listening!

Hour 1

I Am Empire – Gravity Bomb

7eventh Time Down – Alive in You

Scott Stapp – Slow Suicide

Manafest – Overboard

Emery – The Party Song

POD – Boom

Manic Drive – Obvious

Submission Red – 24

Spoken – Calm The Storm

The Wedding – Move This City

The Wedding – In The End

Nine Lashes – Break the World

Hawk Nelson –  Crazy Love

I Anthem – Enemy

Capital Lights – Outrage

Anberlin – Unwinding Cable Car


Hour 2

Found in the Fury – Strive

Audio A – King of the Comebacks

Philmont – Where To Start

Family Force 5 – Replace Me

Disciple – The One

The Elms – Hey Hey

Skillet – Not Gonna Die Tonight

Dustin Kensrue – Grace Alone

Switchfoot – Bullet Soul

TFK – War Of Change

Needtobreathe – Something Beautiful JC

Rhett Walker Band – Come To The River

We As Human – Zombie

Lecrae – Don’t Waste Your Life

RED – So Far Away

Remedy Drive – Something Made To Last

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Some Sort Of Rock Show Contest and Playlist

October 13th, 2013 2 comments


We are giving away the new book from Manafest called “Fighter” tonight.  All you need to do is leave a comment below.  Let me know about your favorite SSRS snack or let me know what you think about tonight’s show.  Any comment will do.  Thanks!

Tonight’s SSRS playlist is listed below.


Your Some Sort of Rock Show playlist for October 13, 2013.

Hour 1

Nine Lashes – Break the World

Ashes Remain – On My Own

Manafest – Fighter

Red – So Far Away

The Current – I Choose Love

Hokus Pick – I’m So Happy

Sumerlin – The Fallback

Switchfoot – Love Alone is Worth the Fight

Skillet – Not Gonna Die

Spoken – Calm the Storm

Flyleaf – Perfect

Silverline – Speak This Name

Disciple – The One

Disciple – Only You

Toby Mac – Burn For You

Remedy Drive – Daylight


Hour 2

Rhett Walker Band – Can’t Break Me

Decyfer Down – Fight To Win

Needtobreathe – Devil’s Been Talkin

Rapture Ruckus/soul glow – In Crowd

Lybecker – In Between

Dustin Kensrue – Rock of Ages

Rush of Fools – Help our Unbelief

We Are Leo – Oxygen

TFK – Light Up the Sky

We as Human – Taking Life

7eventh Time Down – Just Say Jesus

This is Who I Am – Third Day

Scientist – Coming Up

Run Kid Run – Rescue Me

Seventh Day Slumber – White Flag

Manic Drive – Good Times

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Some Sort of Rock Show Playlist

October 4th, 2013 2 comments

Your handcrafted SSRS playlist for October 6th.  Hard to believe we are already at episode 10!  I predict episode 11 will happen next Sunday night starting at 8pm!  Enjoy!

Hour 1

Manafest – Throw it All Away

The Almost – I’m Down

Submission Red – Fight For Me

Andy Mineo – AYO

All Star United – Smash Hit

Hawk Nelson – Let’s Dance

Family Force 5 – Never Let Go

We As Human – Taking My Life

Seventh Day Slumber – White Flag

Philmont – The Difference

Fireflight – Now

7eventh Time Down – Wait For You

Sine Cera – Set Me In Motion

Lecrae – The Truth

Flyleaf – Something Better

Decyfer Down – Fight To Win

Hour 2

Skillet – Not Gonna Die

Mike Mains and the Branches – Miracle

Disciple – Outlaws

Found in the Fury – Strive

Stellar Kart – All In

KJ 52 – Rise Up

Remedy Drive – Make it Bright

Capital Lights – Let The Little Lady Talk

Planetshakers – Limitless

Red – Die For You

The Current – I Choose Love

Kingsdown – Electric LadyLand

Switchfoot – Love Alone is Worth the Fight

Switchfoot – Adding to the Noise

Anberlin – Someone Anyone

I am Empire – The Elevator

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Five Fun Free Family Things to do This Weekend

August 30th, 2013 No comments

August 30 & 31 and September 1, 2013 – Labor Day Weekend.

5) Huffnagle Park Concert Series, tomorrow (Saturday, Aug 31) 7:00p to 9:00p, Quarryville. The Lampeter-Strasburg Community Band and the Flipside Big Band will perform. Bring lawn chairs. More Info: 717 393-7541

4) Juan Catorce Band will be celebrating the release of their first full-length album at the Art & Soul Cafe in Mountville on tomorrow (Saturday, August 31). Doors open at 6:30 PM, and the show starts at 7:00 PM with a special acoustic set by Fervency. The release party will be an evening of music, art, food, and prizes for the whole family. Kids will be able to create their own piñata. Admission is free!

3) 29th Annual Hospice Labor Day Auction at the Lampeter Fairgrounds, Labor Day weekend, tomorrow (Saturday, August 31) thru Monday, September 2. Auctions of thousands of items, including quilts, handmade Amish furniture, original artwork, autographed sports memorabilia, plants & garden supplies, used items and much, much more. More Info:

2) Heart of Lancaster County Arts and Craft Show, tomorrow (Saturday, August 31) and Sunday at Roots Market, Graystone Rd., Manheim from 10am-4pm. Over 200 local and regional fine arts and crafts vendors, with 50 live demonstrations, food and music by Susquehanna Pipes and Drums, as well as the Jazz Group, Over Easy. Admission for those attending is free. More INfo:

1) Kids Cookie Break Fest, tomorrow (Saturday, August 31) Morning program 10am-2pm and Evening 3pm-7pm. If you weren’t able to get tickets you can Listen live on WJTL to concerts by Slugs & Bugs, Steven Courtney and the Suitcase Musicians, Chip Richter, King’s Strings & Phredd.  Listen online at

Some Sort of Rock Show

August 25th, 2013 3 comments

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s back to school edition of Some Sort of Rock Show!    Here is the playlist.  Just let me know if you  have any questions or comments.  I will be back with episode 5 next Sunday at 8.

Some Sort of Rock Show 8.25.13

Hour 1

1 Stellar Kart – Criminals and Kings

2 Seventh Day – Slumber White Flag

3 NeedtoBreathe – Devil’s Been Talking

4 Manafest – Top of the World

5 Bleach – Static (throwback)

6 We Are Leo – Oxygen

7 TFK  – War is Change

8 Mike Mains & the Branches – Miracle

9 The Great Transparency – How to Live(closer look)

10 Rhett Walker Band – Can’t Break Me

11 Hawk Nelson – Crazy Love

12 Cord of 3 – The Edge

13 KJ 52 – Brand New Day (now&then)

14 KJ 52 – Back in the Day

15 Cord of 3 – The Edge

16 Run Kid Run – Modern March

Hour 2

1 Sumerlin – The Fallback

2 Manic Drive – Good Times

3 KB(with Lecrae) – Church Clap

4 Eye On It – Toby Mac

5 Grammatrain – Less of Me

6 Planetshakers – Limitless

7 Skillet – Sick of It

8 7th Time Down – What About Now

9 Silverline – Vicious (closer look)

10 The Almost – Ghost

11 RED – Perfect Life

12 House of Heroes – Remember the Empire

13 Kutless – All Yours (now&then)

14 Kutless – Not What You See

15 Andy Mineo – AYO

16 I am Empire – Gravity Bomb

17 Superchick – Rock What You Got


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Some Sort of Rock Show Playlist

August 11th, 2013 6 comments

Some Sort of Rock Show

August 11th, 2013 


Decyfer Down  Fight to Win    Crash

Rush of Fools   We All   Rush of Fools

The Almost        I’m Down         For Inside Our Bones

Anberlin    Unwinding Cable Car    Cities

7eventh Time Down   Just say Jesus   Just Say Jesus

Relient K   Must Have Done…   Five Score and Seven years…

TobyMac   Me Without You   Eye On It

(Closer Look)

Submission Red   24( I Want More of You)   Untamed Love

(Throwback Track)

NeedtoBreathe   Keep Your Eyes Open   The Reckoning

P.O.D.   Youth of a Nation   Satellite

Ashes Remain   On My Own   What I’ve Become

(Now&Then Double Play)

Hawk Nelson   My Next Breathe   Crazy

Hawk Nelson   California   Letters to the President

The Myriad   Clean Shot   With Arrows, with Poise

Stellar Kart   All in (Apologize)   All In



RED   Die For You   Release the Panic

Manic Drive   Money   Epic

Family Force 5   Supersonic   Business Up Front – Party..

I am Empire   Gravity Bomb   Anchors

Kingdom   At the Sound   Kingdom

Switchfoot    Mess of Me   Hello Hurricane

Lecrae(feat Mali Music)   Tell the World    Gravity

(Throwback Track)

The Elms   Hey Hey    The Big Surprise

Remedy Drive   Light Makes a Way   Light Makes a Way EP

(Closer Look)

Abandon Kansas   Turn it Into Gold   Turn it into Gold EP

Rhett Walker Band   Gonna Be Alright   Come to the River

(Now&Then Double Play)

Skillet   Sick of It   Rise Up

Skillet   You’re Powerful   Invincible

Manafest   Top of the World   Citizens Activ

Superchick   Rock What you Got   Rock What You Got

Capitol Lights   Outrage   This is an Outrage


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Some Sort of Rock Show!

August 2nd, 2013 3 comments

You can listen to the very first episode of  Some Sort of Rock Show on Sunday night from 8-10!  It’s a brand new, weekly show featuring the “LOUDER” side of WJTL.

This week’s playlist will include new music from Skillet, Red, Manafest, Rhett Walker Band, and Abandon Kansas.   We’ll mix in some favorites from Lecrae, Third Day, and TobyMac.

We’ll take a close look at the lyrics of Needtobreathe & Family Force 5.

As if that’s not enough…Listen for a “Now and Then” double plays with Thousand Foot Krutch  & Switchfoot.

It’s a mix of rock, pop rock, hip-hop, & roots rock!  That’s why we call it Some Sort of Rock Show!


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Intern Sandra Out and About: Soccer Shots!

May 30th, 2013 No comments

This summer on Thursday mornings during the 8-9 hour, I’ll be hopping in the cookie car and heading into the community to get the scoop on upcoming events! Be sure to tune in for live interviews, and keep an eye out for more cookie car fun throughout the summer!

This morning I visited the Soccer Shots office in Lancaster and chatted with Zak and Justin about their upcoming Spring Celebration Bash this Saturday, June 1st!  They were both very excited about this Saturday’s event, which will feature free soccer clinics for kids ages 2-8, music, games, food, fun, and the Soccer Shots mascot! Justin also told me about the philanthropic arm of Soccer Shots, Global Goals. Global Goals is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunity for disadvantaged youth in the US and around the world to enjoy the game of soccer, something both Zak and Justin seemed very passionate about. You can learn more about Global Goals at

I had such a blast taking to these two guys, and learning more about Soccer Shots!  Be sure to keep tuning in on Thursday mornings to find out where else I’ll be!

For more information on the event, you can visit the Events page at  Parents are asked to register their kids for the free sessions at and you can find out more about Soccer Shots at

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