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Creation Survival Kit Contest!!!

May 28th, 2010

Well, hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again! Time for all hopeful WJTL listeners to be glued to their radios with one hand on the phone for a whole week as we play “The Creation Survival Kit Contest”!!! You know what that means, Creation is right around the corner!!
I am here to give you some clues, tips and other helpful hints – but without giving anything away!!! This is one of my favorite contests because it really gets the listeners involved and glued to their radios! Well, get ready for the week of June 7th and brush up on your Creation 2010 Artists.

I am here to give you some clues, tips and other helpful hints – without giving anything away!!!
1. All of the people that you hear will be at Creation 2010 Northeast. (But not necessarily someone that you hear on WJTL)
2. It could be an artist or speaker.
3. You need to know the person’s first and last names.
4. If the person is in a band, you must know their first and last names AND the name of the band.
5. Do your homework! If you have a Creation Newspaper, look through it to see who is going to be there this year! You can also visit different websites to find out more. You can get started by going to the Creation Festival Website: http://www.creationfest.com/ne/

Please remember that if you or someone in your household won tickets last year, please let someone else have a chance at winning this year! You must be 18 or older to play and you can play twice during the contest.
Have fun playing and listening along to The Creation Survival Kit Contest on FM90.3 WJTL and I hope to see you at Creation 2010!!!

Ann D’Alessandro – Creation Festival Fan

Creation Survival Kit

Creation Survival Kit

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