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Friday journey by boat to Rama Village

March 26th, 2011

LISA LANDIS-Greetings from Bluefields, Nicaragua.  Yesterday morning we left the hotel and walked to a house along the water where the family owns many boats and rents them to groups like Friends in Action.  Here are pictures of our journey waiting for the boat, traveling across the Bay in the boat, followed by a visit to the Rama village which is the size of just two city blocks.  In a future blog I will post pictures of our journey across the water to the mainland where Friends in Action is building houses, construction cabins for work teams, experimenting with wind power, and much more to creative a sustainable village.  Here are some of the sights that we witnessed yesterday of the Rama village.  There is a great need here and FIA is doing amazing things to bring hope to the future of the Rama people of Nicaragua.

I have many more pictures to share, but that’s all the time I have for now.  We are getting ready to leave the hotel today (Saturday).  Our flight to Managua leaves at 4pm.