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Chris Renzema on the P&W Podcast

February 2nd, 2021 No comments

I caught up with Centricity Music singer/songwriter Chris Renzema on Groundhog Day: the perfect occasion for a conversation about seasons and learning how God works as we observe nature’s process! In 2020, he released the album “Let The Ground Rest”–and in 2021, he put out the “Let The Ground Rest B-sides” EP! Chris’ latest music is rich with lyrics encouraging listening hearts to hold on for the harvest. (The instrumentation, especially the strings, conveys that potential, too!) Chris and I talked about the standouts: “Springtime”, “Not Finished Yet”, “Tear My House Down” and the title track. He shared stories behind the songs, what he’s gotten out of his own music after its release and the thing that makes him feel like he’s having a good gig.

Kristi Leigh, WJTL DJ
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