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Chris Sligh T-shirt Giveaways

July 18th, 2013 No comments

Tune in to WJTL all day long on Friday, July 19th as we kick off Chris Sligh‘s birthday weekend with Chris Sligh T-shirt giveaways!  (Chris Sligh’s birthday is Saturday, July 20th.)  The DJs will tell you when to call in to win.  Keep our number handy: 717-392-3690 (392-FM90)

By the way, Chris Sligh has a new worship album out FOR FREE!  Click here for details.

**Update: Chris Sligh tells us that the internet is wrong and that his birthday is actually on April 13th!  Don’t worry, we’ll still do T-shirt giveaways.  In fact, listen during the Afternoon Drive for a possible live Chris Sligh interview!