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Light Reflection-John 6:35 Bread of Life

September 22nd, 2023 No comments
JOHN SHIRK – Today’s Light Reflection is from John 6:35. Jesus identified Himself by “I Am” statements, which are recorded for us in the Gospel of John. These statements open more »

Daily Challenge-Accept Jesus as the Bread of Life

February 24th, 2021 No comments
JOHN SHIRK – In the Year of Endurance, today’s Daily Challenge motivates us to accept Jesus as the Bread of life. One of the ways that God provided for the more »
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20/20 Insight-Jesus, Bread Of Life

February 20th, 2020 No comments
JOHN SHIRK - Jesus made the claim, "I am the Bread of Life." This devotional examines how knowing Jesus fills the longings of our soul.
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Focus On God-Multiplying Impact

July 14th, 2017 No comments
JOHN SHIRK -This devotional remembers how Jesus fed at least five thousand people from one boy's lunch. This true story illustrates how God can take our offerings, and multiply them for His glory.

Reason To Believe-Bread

April 13th, 2016 No comments
JOHN SHIRK - Jesus told us to pray "Give us today our daily bread." As we examine the teachings of Jesus, we begin to realize we not only need physical bread for our bodies to live, but we also need spiritual bread for our souls to live. That is where…

Moment Of Celebration-Bread Of Life

March 25th, 2014 No comments
JOHN SHIRK - After feeding the 5,000, Jesus identified Himself as the Bread of Life. Just as food is a vital need for our stomachs, Jesus is the vital need for our soul. The benefits of food are temporary, but the benefit of knowing Jesus lasts forever.

Lesson Of Faith-Born In Bethlehem

December 16th, 2013 No comments
JOHN SHIRK - The prophet Micah predicted the precise birthplace of the Messiah, hundreds of years before it happened. Today, we are examining the significance of the birthplace of Jesus.