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Focus on God’s Goodness-Nourishment of God’s Word

April 17th, 2024 No comments
JOHN SHIRK – Today’s Focus on God’s Goodness is found in Isaiah 55, verses 10 and 11. This is what the LORD says, “As the rain and the snow come more »

Key Element for Thriving Relationships-Growth

September 12th, 2022 No comments
JOHN SHIRK – Today’s Key Element for Thriving Relationships is growth into spiritual maturity. God’s will for our lives is to grow in His grace and become mature in our more »

20/20 Insight-Nourishment of God’s Word

May 8th, 2020 No comments
JOHN SHIRK - In Isaiah 55, the writer compares the rain cycle with the nourishment of God's Word to feed our soul. We take a look at this process in this devotional.

Moment Of Celebration-Forward Progress

November 3rd, 2014 No comments
JOHN SHIRK- One of the signs pointing to the life-changing power of the Gospel is found in Paul the Apostle. After Jesus touched Him by His grace, Paul was a changed man, who demonstrated by words and example how we can move forward with Jesus by faith,…