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Back To Ethiopia: Stacey Reports Live with Compassion International

January 17th, 2013 No comments

STACEY GAGNE –  I am thrilled to invite you to tune in next week to follow along as I report live for WJTL from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Compassion International.  I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you!

Many listeners will remember that I took a trip to Africa on behalf of the station in the fall of 2010.  The trip was life changing for me and also for the children and sponsors who were connected as a result of the trip and WJTL’s 26 Hours of Compassion Event we held upon my return.    On this trip, we’ll be following up with the Faith Bible International Church Compassion project and also visiting the homes of some of  the children being sponsored locally!   I’ll also be visiting Senait, the beautiful little girl that I sponsor, and had the privilege of meeting on our last trip.  Needless to say, I’m excited to bring some goodies to share with her and the kids at the projects that we visit.

Our team will also visit  Ethiopia’s Compassion Office, meet some students in the Leadership Development program,  and spend time at several other projects where I’ll get updates on Compasssion’s work there, where the needs are, and find out how WJTL listeners can get involved during our next 26 Hours of Compassion event February 20-21.

Join WJTL  January 21 – 25 as I get a second chance at a once in a lifetime experience.  I anticipate sharing many stories with you through live reports, blogs, videos and photos and more.

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November 15th, 2012 No comments

STACEY GAGNE – Freedom Valley Church will have a box truck at their site in Gettysburg starting until it is filled up (probably this weekend) to take relief items to New Jersey victims.

Collecting: blankets, bottled water, non perishable foods, personal care items, feminine products, diapers, baby items, New sweat pants and shirts for children and adults (those are the only clothing items being accepted), batteries, trash bags.

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November 15th, 2012 No comments

STACEY GAGNE – Faith Bible Fellowship Church will be taking donations for Samaritan’s Purse to be delivered to NJ and NY victims of Hurricane Sandy.  They are asking for specific items only:  Baby Diapers, Baby food, Baby wipes and water.  These items can be dropped off at the church youth barn located on 151 Donnerville Road, Lancaster.  For questions call Dwayne at 717-917-0666.  Donations will be accepted Tuesday and Thursday nights between the hours of 7 – 8 pm.  Donations can also be written out to the church with  the memo section marked “for Samaritan’s Purse Relief Efforts”.

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November 15th, 2012 No comments

STACEY GAGNE –  A local truck driver has coordinated with the Lititz Rec. Center to collect items to be taken to New Jersey this coming weekend.  Items an be dropped off at the Rec Center this week and there will be a special collection time on Saturday from 9 to 11 as well.

Specific Items Needed  (from

·         Work Gloves & Latex Gloves
·         Flashlights
·         Batteries
·         Bleach and other Cleaning Products
·         Rakes
·         Contractor Bags
·         Packing Tape
·         Markers (Sharpie-type)
·         Paper Towels
·         Rags
·         Sponges
·         Mops & Buckets
 ·        Firewood
·         Shelf Milk
·         Storage Bins
·         Cereal
·         Gatorade

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October 24th, 2012 1 comment

STACEY GAGNE –  As I’m sitting at my desk finishing up a project that our intern and volunteers have been helping us with this week; I started thinking about how valuable volunteers are.  So decided to say thanks.

Thanks to everyone who volunteers for WJTL.  From those of you who help out in the office or at our live remote table, at concert events and festivals, to those who help in your own way by telling others about WJTL.  Thanks to you who have handed someone an extra sticker or flyer you happen to have or just spreading the word about us.   You rock!

While I’m at it, I would also like to just say thanks to all of you who volunteer in any way … with your local church, ministry, community organization, school etc, etc, etc.  Time is valuable.  We all work on prioritizing.  We give our time to God (hopefully first), our families, our jobs and/or school responsibilities and social lives.  Those moments that we give to serve our community are so precious.

So, thanks to everyone who volunteers officially or unofficially and gives your time to serve the community or your neighbor.  You are appreciated here.


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September 26th, 2012 2 comments

STACEY GAGNE –  God has a great and creative way of helping us refocus our hearts and minds.    When we open up The Bible we’ll come to a scripture that brings us the encouragement, conviction or hope that we need.   For me, sometimes I get into a “woe is me” mode about something and then I see it in light of the circumstances of others and I’m humbled and realize how much I have to be thankful for.  Some days just seeing something beautiful like a rainbow or a smiling child will be enough to change my outlook.

Today we received a note from a listener along with their donation that said “I look forward to driving places just so I can listen to our station – it is an instant change in attitude for me”.

That is awesome.  May we be changed daily to be more like Jesus in our attitude.  We are thankful that God is using WJTL as a tool to do this in the lives of many.  May our hearts, eyes and ears be open and focused on Him so that we don’t miss those moments.

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September 13th, 2012 7 comments

STACEY GAGNE – This morning we received an email from a listener who heard a message at just the right time… at the wrong time.    God is so good.  We asked permission to share it because I am quite sure this will bless and encourage more people than just our staff here.

“Hi, all. Just wanted to tell you an interesting experience I had yesterday morning (around 6:25 AM) while listening to WJTL on my way to work.  Maybe I should mention that in late July, while spending some days at the shore, the Lord had brought a sweet devotional based on Romans 15:13 to my attention, re: hope. I tucked that verse away in my heart, not realizing that within a few days I would so need it. On the way home I had a minor accident that resulted in a severe ankle sprain and bone break. Not the end of the world, for sure, but it’s been a difficult time of mending, and feeling physically so short of normal. Added to that, my husband lost a good job, and it took us by surprise. Again, trying to cling to Romans 15:13. But I admit, I’ve struggled, and wondered at times where He is in all of it. Though I KNOW He is with us, it hasn’t always felt that way when my fears creep in, drowning out the hope He wants to keep on giving and growing in me. I was driving to work on Rt. 72 yesterday, and right around the spot when I usually hear The Bible Experience, I was hearing the voice of Joni Tada, and I listened not thinking that this was not the usual daily segment. But sure enough, her message on HOPE struck right into my frail heart, and when she mentioned Rom. 15:13, tears ran down my cheeks because it was one of those sweet, personal touches from Him that are so timely, so personal, it’s hard to fathom. And I was still marveling when the announcer mentioned that the Tada message was a mistake and “how did that happen???!!!” I had to laugh out loud, and then wonder how many others out there really needed to hear the wrong message, the one not supposed to be airing! Truly, if I hadn’t been on my way to work I think I would have tried to call, it was just that funny/amazing to me. Just wanted to let you know that God so often uses your station to reach and encourage His wondering, wandering people.

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Thanks for Voting!

August 28th, 2012 1 comment

STACEY GAGNE –  Thanks for voting for WJTL in Lancaster Newspapers 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards.   Because of your votes, we received a 2nd Place Win for Favorite Radio Station.  Thanks for the many ways you let others know about the ministry of WJTL!

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When I Was Thirsty

August 20th, 2012 8 comments

Saturday is the day for my long runs.  I’m training to run my first half marathon in November and am following a training plan each week to help me accomplish my goal of finishing.  (I have no visions of speed or any sort of ranking… just survival and finishing well).   About 3/4 of a mile into my run, I came across a church group handing out water.    I was pretty excited because I keep forgetting that I should have water along on these longer runs and I knew that I could use it.  So, I smiled and took the water they cheerfully supplied as I continued running by.    Fast forward about an hour.  I had run my first 6 mile run and was slowing down into a cool down walk.   I was tired , thirsty and a little sore.   As I approached the area where the church group had been handing out water,  I saw that they were still there, but I also knew that they had already given me a water earlier, so I planned to just keep plugging away until I got home.  I even heard one lady say, “Hey we saw her run by here earlier!”.     When I went to keep walking by, they said “Are you thirsty?”  I said “Yes, but you already gave me some water earlier, and thank you!”  But they held out a water for me anyway and said “God Bless You”.     I know, such a little thing … but what a blessing it was!

As a body of believers who desire to represent Jesus … are we offering cold water to the thirsty?  Is it conditional?  When someone needs us do we think, “I’ve already helped you recently””

Last night I was visiting a friend and their child at the hospital.  The little girl was feeling very sick and kept asking her dad for more sips of water, sometimes after he had just put the cup down.  He lovingly gave her a drink whenever she asked.

Jesus never tires of lifting the cup to our lips.  He doesn’t mind our constant thirst, in fact, it pleases His heart that we ask Him and that He can provide for us.

How can we be Jesus to the thirsty today?    Are we inviting Him to satisfy our own thirsty hearts?

Some thoughts on thirst for you this week.




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For the Healing of the Nations

April 3rd, 2012 3 comments

STACEY GAGNE – Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Global Disciples Banquet: “For the Healing of the Nations”  held at Willow Valley/Doubletree Palm Court.  We’d been promoting the banquet on WJTL and when my friend asked if I’d like to attend with her I was excited to say,  “Sure!”  I was thrilled to find out that Ethiopia was the featured country of the night and that there would be testimonies from Ethiopia and even the traditional coffee that I enjoyed so much when I was there was to be served!

As we arrived we were greeted with music from the Tinsae Kristos Evangelical Church choir and Ethiopian women were ready with freshly roasted coffee and popcorn samples.    I was excited for more people from Lancaster County to get to have a taste of Ethiopian culture, too.

It was encouraging to hear about the work being done in Ethiopia as Global Disciples is helping to equip leaders, to multiply disciples of Jesus and see them plant churches.   I loved hearing testimonies of Gods healing and miraculous moves among the people.

On one of their pamphlets, they used a phrase that I have heard used often:  What’s in Your Hand?”    There are so many opportunities for us to use what gifts and resources God has given us for His glory.  Through our local churches,  local ministries, and those touching the world like Global Disciples, Compassion International,  Eastern Mennonite Missions and so many others … there is no shortage of opportunities for us to help.   We just need to make sure that we are making ourselves available for God to use us!

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March 21st, 2012 1 comment

STACEY GAGNE – A couple of weeks ago I sat in with one of the pre-school classes at my church.   It was so much fun hanging out with the kids, coloring with them and hearing their excitement as the teacher shared the story of Jonah.    Most of the children were already familiar with the story about Jonah and the big fish.   It was particularly fun for me and fresh in my mind because on March 9th I had  the opportunity to attend the premier of Jonah at Sight and Sound Theatres.  What a treat!

Sight and Sound always puts together epic productions of stories that we know from The Bible.  I have had the opportunity to see many, but there is something really special about this one.   As an audience we experienced  powerful songs,  fantastic sets and lighting,  live animals (even Zebras)  and a breath-taking underwater world full of surprises!  The actors and actresses really brought to life the Biblical lessons of obedience to God (that even a prophet struggled with),  God’s excellent mercy and His extravagant love for all.

I recommend Jonah for you and your family and hope to see it again myself (and bring some friends).

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