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Intern Sandra Out and About: Christmas in July

July 25th, 2013 No comments

Merry Christmas! Intern Sandra here, and yes, I know that Christmas is still five months away.

The Reformation Luthern Church is having a Christmas in July event this Sunday the 28th to remind us that the miracle of Christmas is amazing in any season.  I stopped by this morning to talk to Pastor Luke, the Reformation Luthern Pastor, Mimi, the program coordinator, and Ray, a member of the evangelism committee about the event.  They all share my love for classic Christmas hymns, and I was excited to hear that the program features many hymns sung with a full choir, and even a former singer with the Metropolitan Opera!  Mimi brought up a good point; so often we only get to sing a few Christmas hymns, but at this event so many classic hymns will be sung (and played) in exciting arrangements with many voices.  Pastor Luke shared his passion for returning to the fundamentals of Christmas without the inevitable craziness that comes with the December holiday season. He’ll be delivering reflections throughout the evening that focus us on the miracle of Christmas, and the importance of it to our faith.

Ray told me a little more about the other activities featured in the event, including crafts for kids, a nativity collection, and more. There might even be a chance of snow!  The event sounds like a great time to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, and enjoy fellowship without the commercial aspect of the season.  Ray, Mimi, and Paster Luke were all enthusiastic about this twist on Christmas in July, and I had so much fun discussion the holiday season with them.


The Christmas in July event will be held Sunday, July 28th at the Eastern Mennonite Missions building in Salunga, PA. For more information, visit, or the events page at

Spotting All Stickers!

July 23rd, 2013 No comments


As you might have seen on the WJTL Facebook page, listeners are not just sending in pictures of their new bumper stickers.  There are a few pictures of longtime listeners’ bumper stickers which feature the old logo.  It is really cool to see the different stickers because it shows how different each listener is.  It shows their personality.  Some people started listening since they moved into the area and others have been listening since they were children.

Did you know that we are spotting Kids Cookie Break Stickers too?  Show off how much you love the Kids Cookie Break by positioning a KCB sticker on your bumper or on your window.  You could also affix a KCB magnet to your car to preserve the paint.  Once you have done that, don’t forget to send us a picture for a chance to win!

You can win with any of the WJTL bumper stickers including the Kids Cookie Break Sticker and the 90.3 Sticker.  We know you love the iconic retro WJTL sticker; let us know you have one and we’ll be happy to send you a shiny new one to put next to it.

In fact, we’d be happy to send you any of the WJTL stickers to give your vehicle even more personality.  So whether you have been listening since you were young or only just picked up our broadcast, email to get your WJTL bumper sticker today and send it in to win!

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WJTL Bumper Sticker Bonanza

July 14th, 2013 No comments

The winners for the 2013 Bumper Sticker Bonanza are starting to really pour in and it is so interesting to see how everyone displays their WJTL Pride! Now that the Bonanza is in full swing what I want to know is what you love about WJTL? There have been old stickers and new stickers used in some pretty creative ways. If you look on the WJTL Facebook page there is even a sticker being used to cover up some chipping paint. Let me tell you, a shiny new WJTL bumper sticker can sure make an old paint job look pretty spiffy!

Personally, I just love how excited everyone gets about the Bumper Sticker Bonanza among other things. Here in the office, it is thrilling whenever a winner sends it in to win and the winners get even more pumped up. Once, when I was spotting, the winners happened to see me placing the envelope on their vehicle, and they were delighted! We are even adding some more great prizes like gift cards from Bruster’s Ice Cream and Lickity Split Restaurant as well as CDs by Audio Adrenaline, Jeremy Camp and Bebo Norman.

We are starting to get at least one entry per day through and we are trying really hard to make sure every winner gets a prize they can get excited about. But in your excitement don’t forget to include your name and address with your entry! Some people enjoy winning prizes from WJTL and other local businesses, others love hearing their favorite music on the radio and some enjoy just supporting their favorite Christian station. So what makes you want to display you WJTL Pride?




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Intern Sandra Out and About: Weaverland Day Camp

July 11th, 2013 1 comment

Intern Sandra here! I’m back from Creation and getting back into the daily swing of things.

Today I resumed my Out and About schedule by visiting the Weaverland Day Camp.  The kids asked me questions about how the radio works, and what it’s like to be an intern.  They really picked my brain, asking me everything from who my favorite WJTL artist is to how we pick the music to play on air.  I had a blast visiting with them and handing out some Kids Cookie Break goodies!


Be sure to stay tuned in on Thursday mornings for more of my adventures Out and About!

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Bumper Sticker Bonanza 2013

June 30th, 2013 No comments


There are two ways to win in WJTL’s Bumper Sticker Bonanza this year. You send a picture of your WJTL Bumper Sticker to us!  That’s right, send it in to win!  Or If you are spotted by any of WJTL’s staff you will be a winner too! Get your sticker at any of WJTL’s live events or request one to be mailed to you by emailing or call the station at (717).392.3690.  Winners will be announced on air and posted on Facebook.  So listen live and keep checking our Facebook page!

Entries Must Include:

  • A picture of your WJTL bumper sticker on your vehicle emailed to
  • Your name, address, phone number and your email address

Contest Rules:

  • One entry per person/vehicle
  • Comments left on this blog DO NOT count as entries into the contest

With prizes like Maggie Moo’s, YoFro, Twin Kiss and Sweet Frog gift certificates, and a WJTL cinch pack from DavCo as well as CDs and DVDs from our prize stash (The Real Life, Jenny Simmons, North Point, Hawk Nelson, Mars Hill, or Sanctus Real) and other great prizes, winners are sure to keep cool all summer long!


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Intern Sandra Out and About: Creation Crew Day 2

June 27th, 2013 1 comment

Intern Sandra here! The Creation Crew has been kept busy all day with the many activities around the Creation Festival.  This morning, I hung out in the Kid’s Tent with the Kids Cookie Break.  The line up included Jesse Rothaker, The Donut Man, This Way Up, and What’s In the Bible.  There was even a special appearance by Bob and Larry of Veggie Tales!



As per usual, the Kids Cooke Break table had KCB wristbands, pencils, stickers, and plenty of cookies.


The Creation Crew will continue to bring you coverage throughout the festival, so be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook page for more updates! If you want to see more pictures, you can check out the WJTL Flickr page here.

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Intern Sandra Out and About: Creation Crew Day 1

June 27th, 2013 No comments

Today I had a blast at the first day of Creation 2013!

A staple of the Creation experience is the tarp run, where groups line up all over to be the first to snag the perfect spot, using their tarp as a placeholder.  I ran into some listeners from Palmyra as they were strategically planning  their tarp placement.

The day kicked off with a Steve Taylor concert, and wrapped up with a stellar show from Switchfoot.


For more pictures, visit the WJTL Flickr page here, and stay connected with the Creation Crew on the WJTL Facebook page. Be on the lookout for pictures, videos, and more!


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Intern Ashley Experiencing the World of Radio

June 26th, 2013 No comments



This fall I will be a senior at Millersville University and since graduation is really not that far down the road anymore its time to start thinking about what I really want to do upon graduation. Since I am majoring in Broadcasting communications and have the opportunity to do an internship, WJTL seemed like a good choice to get my first experience in radio and I’m  most certainly glad I did.

My internship began at a WJTL live remote at the end of May at the Sertoma Chicken BBQ. I worked at the merchandise table greeting all of you who were excited to watch the talent challenge and cheer on friends and families. Meeting some of you WJTL listeners and hearing your stories made me realize that I was about to be apart of something great and that this summer was bound to be a journey of new experiences and opportunities.

Here at the station I have been working alongside John Shirk, learning the boards and discovering everything that happens behind the scenes  from when a DJ prepares to go on air to the performance end of live radio, and even editing. I am even getting the opportunity to DJ a Sunday afternoon shift. I have been able to go to remotes such as the Lancaster Barnstormers, where I helped set up the sound system for the Steven Courtney Band and Phredd, and I assisted Lisa Landis at Camp Swatara for the Kid’s Cookie Break where we handed out plenty of chocolate chip cookies and even held a bubble gum contest to see who can blow the biggest bubble. As you can tell we have a lot of fun at these live remotes.

Here at the station I’ve been able to watch Phil Keaggy perform and am looking forward to performances from other artists who will eventually perform at the Junction Center. In addition to learning the technical aspects of radio, here at the station its safe to say that I have done a little bit of everything, from pulling weeds, to working in the mail room, to giving the WJTL vehicles a good wash, to preparing for live remotes, grocery shopping for the station, and bumper sticker spotting of course.  All of it has been a good experience! The staff here is so supportive and fun to work with! You can feel God’s presence here and its exciting to see what God is doing through WJTL and will continue to do through their ministry. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship. I am extremely blessed to have such a great place in the area to learn from about the world of radio.


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Intern Sandra Out and About: Creation Northeast is Coming!

June 20th, 2013 No comments

Intern Sandra here!  Last night I had a blast out and about with Radio Friend Phil and Intern Sarah at the Lancaster Catholic Carnival.  The night was full of food, rides, and a Phredd concert, featuring Radio Friend Phil on xylophone.

Next week I’ll be at Creation Northeast with the WJTL Creation Crew! Be sure to keep an eye on the WJTL Facebook page and website for updates throughout the week.  If you’re going to be at Creation, make sure you stop by the WJTL tent and say hi!

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Intern Sandra Out and About: Red Lion Alive! Outdoor Music Festival

June 13th, 2013 1 comment

This morning we talked with Dave and Susan from Red Lion Zion United Methodist Church about their upcoming first annual Alive! Outdoor Music Festival next Saturday and Sunday, June 22nd and 23rd.

The words “music festival” don’t do the event justice; the weekend is jam-packed with food, kids events, a craft show, a movie screening, and of course many wonderful artists. Susan told me how the church had thrown a small music festival a few years ago to benefit one of their congregation members, and about six months ago she started to feel called to put together a larger festival. After much hard work, the Red Lion Alive! Festival started to come together, and now the weekend is going to feature two full days of bands, activities, food and more! The lineup is quite diverse, including Derek Sandtrom, The Keystone State and Delta Road Singers, The Jazz Resurrection Project, Steven Courtney, Rainbow Puppet Ministry, Colleen Sherlock, Tim Storey Magic, and much more!  There will be plenty of activities for the kids, including face painting, crafts, Bible stories and event finger nail painting.  Dave and Susan are excited for the weekend, especially because there is currently no outdoor Christian music festival in York County.  Admission to the entire event is free, and this festival looks like it’s going to be a blast! To get more information, including the entire lineup of events, you can visit

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Intern Sandra Out and About: The Underground Skatepark

June 6th, 2013 1 comment

This morning I went to the Underground Skatepark in Dillsburg, PA!  I talked with Dan, Brittany, and Derek about their mission and upcoming summer events.  Underground is housed in the basement of Celebration Community Church, and the area is completely filled with ramps and other structures made in-house by volunteers.  The skaters with Underground are not only passionate about skating, but also creating relationships with the people that come to their events, and sharing the Gospel with them. At each event and skate night somebody will come up and share the Gospel with the crowd, and the crew has tons of amazing stories and testimonials to share.

These guys have found a way to share God’s love through their passion for skating, and their enthusiasm definitely shows.Underground keeps busy; they’ll be at Creation, both Northeast and Northwest, in addition to holding many skate events throughout the summer, including bringing pro skater Brian Sumner to the Underground this July!  For more information on their weekly events, what they’re up to this summer, and their ongoing ministry, you can visit or check out their Facebook page at

Be sure to tune in Thursday mornings from 8-9 to see where else I’m going to be!

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